The brakes and headers are assembled. Steve indicated that the eurothane bumpers are subject to a poor fit at the hood and front fender gaps, waving across the nose, and alteration and color mismatch due to the flex additive. We located a fabrication shop in Canada who makes the front bumper in fiberglass.  Next paint steps with the rear spoiler, doors, inside trunk lid, front fender air vent. 

Since I might be traveling slightly faster than the posted speed limit it would be prudent to bring this 3,750lb hunk of steel to a stop. Especially since I just spent a ton of money restoring it! The stock set up was dictated by the inability for me to order the WS6 package; 15X8 Rally II wheels, single piston front disc and rear drum brakes. Utilizing the advantages of the Year One 17X9 Aluminum Snowflake wheels permitted maximizing braking.

Wilwood Disc Brakes kits were a preferable choice balancing performance and cost.

The front wheels will receive the 6 piston caliper that rides on a 12.88 inch drilled and slotted rotors. The rear; A 4 piston caliper with 12.19 inch one piece drum (parking brake) rotor that’s drilled and slotted.

The final body work and sanding is complete. Now stage one of the paint booth with application of the last primer coat and Color edging of the door jams etc.

The reassembly steadily continues. QA 1 suspension with dual adjustable front and rear shocks. The 220 sanding stage just ended while I was at the shop. Next level to commence today. Steve said the paint edging of the floor, door jams, etc is next .

The reconstruction process has begun! Assembly of the frame with suspension parts. And the the table full of bolts and brackets. I trust there are no nuts or bolts left behind after assembly! LOL ???? Lenny

I ordered the TA in January of 1980 and took delivery in May 1980 at Cochran Pontiac in Pittsburgh, PA.  After 41 years and approval by the CFO, my wife Betty, the TA was delivered to Wet Dreams Restoration's under the care of Steve Walker, in Abbottstown, PA.on July 7, 2021. It has been 2 1/4 years since that fateful day and the COVID pandemic, with it's associated supply chain issues and assorted personel shortages, the project has moved along.  Although I'm very anxious to get the restoration done the pictures included will show some steady progress. 

The TA restoration in the tear down stage. She was good shape except for some specific areas of rust.