First impressions can be deceiving! see pictures below 

This initial tear down gave me an idea of what I had to work with,

How it starts…. You see this old car and imagine yourself driving around. So you stop and ask if it’s for sale,.. and they say yes!!!!! That’s when the fun starts!!!!!!!

Inner wheel well repair

Rear corner body repair

Passenger side kick panel fabrication.

Patching the right rear fender

Cowl delete pictures

Top Chop Pictures - Last two pictures are after & before

Pictures of Drivers Side rear Fender Repair

Pictures os the interior wood replacement, there was not one piece of wood that was not rotted

The original door handles were bad so I had to replace them. Went to a local parts store and got O.E. Door handles and got door latches called Bear Claws and just redid everything!! The challenge was to make room for the window to slide down and clear the door rods,so I used a hinge at the bottom!! Works!!!!!

This is the 265 CI Chevy engine was was in the car and while sitting on the ground it actually rusted out the oil pan! 

Running Boards Before & After

Doing body work on the roof chop 

The grill was shot so I had to make a new one, I started with the metal from a yard sign bent it to shape of the grill welded on a couple of flat washers the pieces or stright rods, then covered with chrome tape.

Front Fender Recondition

The hood was in real nice condition as you can see