Is your transmission popping out of 2nd gear or feels sloppy? This may assist you when you plan to rebuilt your Transmission. This will show you the correct order of assembly.

The transmission is stripped down, all internal parts removed and inspected to determine what gears can be reused. Original gears are much better quality then aftermarket.

Transmission case and universal joint cover are cleaned up, prepped for paint and then painted the correct Ford Green color

Transmission gears in the correct order of assembly. If you look at the top gear assembly it is the "Main Gears" I hve been finding that people who have rebuild these transmissions seem to leave off the spacer to the right of the upper shaft internal bearing which caused transmission failure. I know the reason, the correct bearing that must be used is the shorter bearing and they used the larger one wihich would not permit the install of the correct spacer. Be very careful you install the correct parts in the correct order when you reassemble the transmission

Gear installation order; 1st picture is the reverse gear, 2nd lower gear assembly, 3rd is the upper gear assembly.

1st Picture is the inside of the car with the lower shaft installed, 2nd is the upper shafe in place and cover installed and 3rd the universal cover in place

Transmission exploded view

UPPER DRIVE SHAFT - The spacer that you MUST be sure are installed are # 42 Main Shaft Pilot Spacer & # 44 Main Shaft Bearing Retainer Ring, if you leave either out you will have a transmission failure. I have found that three of the transmission that I recently rebuilt were missing the # 44 Main Shaft Bearing Retaining Ring. Because if that ring is not installed you will wipe out the # 5 Main Drive Shaft Bearing (SHORT BEARING)

UPPER DRIVE SHAFT - When you are reassembling the upper drive shaft make sure you install the small # 5 Main Drive Shaft Bearing, DO NOT INSTALL THE # 22 Cluster Gear Bearing

LOWER GEAR CLUSTER - Very important that the bearings and especially the space bearing spacer are installed  orrectly. The correct order starting from the right follows:

1. Bearing # 22 Cluster Gear Bearing (LONG)

2. # 21 Cluster Gear Spacer

3. Bearing # 18 Cluster Gear Bearing (SHORT)

Transmissions rebuilt and ready for installation

If anyone wants or needs a fresh rebuilt transmission I will have six available at Hershey this coming October. 

Prices Follows:

1. Transmission with Chrome Shift Tower $475.00

2. Transmission with painted Shift Tower $450.000

3. Transmissions without Shift Tower $400.00 

If you need one sooner just shoot me a text message 301-213-7129