Last year around January I was just taking my Packard for a drive to keep the Old Gal limbered up. When I was backing out of my driveway, I had a mishap "Having ZERO” depth perception my passenger side rear fender caught the fence post while backing out of the driveway and provided me with a healthy dent.

That was not a real large problem because I was planning on refinishing all four fenders and this gave me the motivation to move forward with the project. Also due to the virus there was not going to be a car season this year so this was the ideal time.

I contacted my friend Bernardo Donida who owns and operates his Classic Car repair shop in Poolsville. This was the “BEST” decision I made! Bernardo is a “Rare Bird” Why? Bernardo can actually “hand fabricate” body panels. As you will see in the following photos.

My right front fender’s lower section was packed with “Mud” and had minimal metal remaining. Fortunately, Bernardo was able to fabricate a patch panel. Packard’s are exceedingly rare cars and finding body parts are very difficult to find.

Paint just peeled off thee fenders, Bernardo suspects that after it was sand blased it was not prepared "Cleaned" correctly before the primer was sprayed on. He also checked the main body panels and they seem to have been correctly cleaned because the paint is on securely.

One final task is to install the headlight buckets.

My "Lady" is now ready to socialize in her "Stately" manner