Work Day One

Gerry, Chuck, Lee, Shelly, George , Herb, Ron & Glen on January 17th 2017 started Gerry's Ford Model A Hot Rod project. Our group installed a 1939 Ford V8 flathead with the 1939 three speed transmission. We kept this car as period correct as possible, the car was completed on March 24th and was displayed at the 1st of the season Saturday Bethesda Cars N Coffee


Day one completed tomorrow we will start installing the new engine mounts

Work Day Two

We spend the majority of our day doing "Mock Up's" what I mean by this is we temporilary placed the engine and identified where the mounts would go, we also discovered that the steering column had to be relocated about 1 1/4". Overall it was a very productive day.

Day two is completed and we made lots of progress, the engine was temporary installed to position the new engine mounts, Shelly and George joined us today and were valuable assets and really helped us to make super progress. 


Work Day Three Begins

Work Day Four

Day four begins for me at 5AM! Yesterday we did not make any progress and the reason was the steering column was not providing enough clearance to center the engine, this morning I removed the entire steering column and then was able to center and align the engine, when the other crew members show up this morning we will be able to make the final adjustments and then secure the mounts. Following are pictures of this morning's progress

The crew showed up around 9AM with Donuts! and after a couple of donuts under their belt went to work

Work Day five

Today we were actually very productive, The majority of our day was measuring and planning how to install our steering assemble, radius rod brackets and began the fabrication of the radius bracket that will be welded to the frame. 

Work Day 6 

Today our focus was the relocation of the steering column. We accomplished the placement of the steering box tomorrow we plan on installing the shaft. As far as our "Crew" everyone but Gerry & I were available today

Work Day 7

Relocation of the steering column continued, yesterday we had to order some parts and they were available this morning "Thanks Gerry" we installed, tested and the steering works perfectly!

Work Day 8

Today we mocked up and began the fabrication of the brake & clutch pedal bracket and  also worked on the fabrication of the radius arms

Work Day 9

Today was really productive, we completed the fabrication of the brake & clutch pedal nounting bracket, and completed our radious arm bracket mounting brackets and temporilary installed the arms

Work Day 10

Today the clutch & brake pedal mounting bracket was installed, and completed our radius arm bracket and also installed and set the caster

Work Day 11

Today we worked up a list of parts needed to install the engine, we also cleaned and painted the engine. All our body blocks will be replaced and the body will be alined correctly.

Work Day 12

We had all the parts needed to assemble the engine and install the transmission and then install the engine, but and there is always a but! we found the oil pan to be defective and fortunately we had a backup, then when we tried to install the transmission we discovered that the pressure plate was not the correct size for the bellhousing. Anyway we had a good day, a good time and plenty of laughs. Gerry is on the search for the correct pressure plate assembly

Work Day 13 

Today we adjusted the body blocks, all the blocks were replaced when the prior owner restored the car but they were way out of proper alignment. We also decided to use the stock running light wire harness because it is in perfect condition. 

Work Day 14

Gerry scored the correct transmission "Bill Potter provided, Thanks Bill" but was missing the throw out bearing shaft, fork, hub and release shaft lever, fortunately the earlier 1932  transmission that did not fit due to the shallow bellhousing had all the parts needed and are compatable so we spend the majority of the day removing and then installing in the new transmission. This Friday we plan on installing the transmission to the engine and then install the engine into the car, so stay tuned

Work Day 15

Today we installed the throw out bearing bellhousing shaft, then installed the transmission and yes we now have the engine permanently installed! Next week we will connect the engine electrically and get her started, we also need to fabricate clutch linkage and Lee is working on the design


Work Day 16

Today was extremely productive and disappointing. Today's crew wired the engine, ran fuel lines and installed external oil tubes, Jimmy designed and fabricated the clutch bracket. that was quite allot of accomplishments. Now the disappointing aspect; we discovered that the darn clutch pressure plate is binding in the bellhousing and we were not able to fire her up, tomorrow the engine will be pulled to find out what is causing this. Stay tuned

Work Day 17

What a difference a day makes! what do I mean? well the clutch & pressure plate work well and the reason we thought they were not operable was we could not manually depress the pressure plate, it turned out the pressure plat is a heavy duty truck unit that needed lots of leverage to move. So bottom line the project continued today and we even started her up and WOW is that engine strong! Check out the following pictures

Work Day 18

We had a very productive day today, Jimmy and I completed the fabrication of the clutch/brake pedal bracket and  then installed the bracket and adjusted the brake & clutch pedels, Gerry, George & Glen began the electrical, installed and adjusted the alternator, installed and adjusted the choke cable and then cut a hole under the seat in the floor pan and installed a battery holder in the cavity and then installed the battery.

Work Day 19

Today was a short day, we are waiting for parts, radiator, wires, cables etc, but we did accomplish some tasks, Jimmy pointed out that the alternator bracket needed to be beefed up, he immediately redesigned the support and welded it in place. Jimmy had it all wrapped up in 20 minuets!, next Shelly is working on the fabrication of the new custom wood floorboards and he made a template and will work on the new floor boards at his home shop "Just off the phone with Shelly and they are now fabricated and ready to install!", Gerry & George worked on mounting the electrical switch for the starter and electric engine cooling fan and they finished installation of the choke cable. These guys know their stuff and we are having a blast! We will start back on Tuesday when hopefully the parts will be available

Work Day 20 

Lee and I worked on the ignition wiring fabrication today and now have it setup to basically plug n play. We will not be able to continue with our project due to parts availability but expect all components available by end of week 

Work Day 21

Today we had a total of nine team members assist with the build, and we were productive! Shelly finished the fabrication of the floorboards & firewall patch panel, Lee, George, Glen and Gerry installed the dash, connected all the wires and assisted Shelly with the fire wall patch panel. This car will be on the road in two weeks! Following are some "Action" shots

Work Day 22

We are very close to the end of our build, we are still waiting for our radiator but we do have plenty of small jobs. Follows are a couple of pictures and a link to the 1st start of the engine, and does she sound great! 

Here is the video of our test run

Work Day 23

From this day forward we will be doing final assembly, today we installed the gauges, installed the accelerator pedal linkage and worked on the charging system

Work Day 24 

The radiator arrived and was installed today, we now need the hoses but this car is about five work days to completion so stay tuned!

Work Days 25, 26, 27 & 28

The last couple of major projects were the installation of the exhaust system and all electrical systems were finished. The last three days were "Detail" based. 

This project was started January 17th and our team worked on the car averaging three hours per day, we were very fortunate to have these talented people on our team and that was the main reason of completing this project in such a short time period. 

The car was road tested Friday March 24th and was driven to and displayed at the Bethesda Saturday Cars N Coffee.