December 3rd 2018 Gerry's "Winter Project" 1941 Ford Tudor is delivered and the "Crew" Lee, George & Shelly stopped over to check out our winter project

Lots of activity this morning. The crew included Gerry, Glen, Shelly, Lee, & Me. Lee & Shelly were focused on removed all the old door and window gaskets, Gerry worked on making templates for the new heater installation, Tom was helping as needed, Glen was in charge of grilling the Bagels and I began wet sanding and polishing the car. We knocked off about noon then Gerry and I drove to Rice Tire in Frederick to drop off the wheels to have them powder coated. 

We think the car was painted in someone's garage there is lots of dirt in the paint and had to use 8000 then 1000 to remove, may have to go to 5000 but I did get 90% of dirt removed and there are still some fine scratches. I am using the 3M Perfect-it system, 1st Rubbing Compound then the Machine Polish, using a double sided wool bonnet which I prefer over foam, it stays cooler. This is a shot of the door sanded and then compounded & polished .

Yesterday I continued working on the paint and Gerry rebuilt the heater by installing a new blower motor. Getting this paint to a decent level of gloss really takes time, put over nine hours in yesterday but on the upside it is coming out very well especially for a old Garage painted finish with lots of dirt . The above pictures show the results so far

Today I continued working on the restoration of the "Garage" paint job, Gerry finished assembly of the heater and installed so now this old Ford will be comfortable winter driver. Tomorrow if all goes well I will complete the majority of the paint restoration and if we have the weatherstrip delivered we will begin to install so stay tuned

This video will bring you up to date on our progress

Today January 7th we were really productive, Lee stopped over and removed that pip plug in the head so we could install the heater petcock. Next Gerry and I connected the heater and replace the radiator hose and then installed coolant ran engine and found no leaks and the heater works really well. We let the car run for about a half hour than changed the oil.

Yesterday we pulled the car out of the garage to let her run for a while and then cleaned the garage and started working on installing the weatherstripping. The following are pictures of the car and she really does look great and also included the pictures of the beginning of the install of wereatherstripping. One picture of the freshly painted dash board