Lee Frazier - I have been working on my 1954 Kaiser Manhattan 2 door. 1 of only 250 made. My father left it to me when he passed in January 2019. It had been sitting in his shop for about 7 or 8 years. He had swapped the supercharged straight 6 automatic with a Chevrolet small block V8 and an automatic transmission, added AC and some other modern creature comforts. I have all the original parts, so I could take it back to a numbers matching car if needed. I have gotten it running, stopping, and chased down some of the electrical issues. Also hunted down some of the needed script, and other missing items to try and get it all back to looking original. It still needs a lot of work, and is just a driver, but I have tagged and insured it, and taken it for a few short test drives. Looking forward to taking out to a show or cruse in when we get the go ahead to get out and get together again.

Bruce Magee Submitted plans yesterday for my new 24 x 24 two car garage, also just got my new bottoms of the doors for my Coupe, (to be installed after my garage is built), Daily I'm working on Painting things like my Chopper gas tank (2nd time !!) I found some "FISH EYES when doing lay out for the Custom painting I'll be doing and that just don't cut it !! , sooo sand it all back off and do it again !! Found out it was small holes in the metal !! Oh well, $420.00 in paint  supplies to repaint a small MC tank....! Thinking about the hell with auto's and start collecting STAMPS !!!!! LOL

Chuck McDonald - Yes, I am BORED! So bored that I decided to go through my Model A Ford parts inventory.  I have over twelve Zenith Carburetors and one rare 1932 Zenith Carburetor.  I plan to rebuild as many as possible. As of this posting I have already rebuild one Zenith and the rare 1932 Carburetor. This Fall if Hershey is open will sell them.  Pictures show progress of rebuilding, last picture is the Rare 1932 Carburetor. I will run test every Carburetor  

Lee Brown - Two jigsaw puzzles my younger son got for us to do while doing the "Stay at Home"

Rick Sanford - I have serviced both Corvair’s given them a good cleaning. I buffed both of them. I also detailed Brenda’s 300C and my truck. I’m now focusing on house projects. Yesterday I trimmed up the Palm trees and other vegetation in our yard. A cool thing the City of North Myrtle Beach will pick up yard waste at no charge. I will be ready for the car shows, cruise ins, and tours this summer. I still have some painting to do and a list of other projects.

Al Hagovsky -  ‘55 Buick Century: 

Well after 6 months at Iron Mike’s Garage (with engine rebuilt by Rockville Ring & Bearing, and Dynaflow tranny rebuilt by County Transmission in Vienna, VA), the old Buick came home about 6 weeks ago. Upgrades included a 4 psi electric fuel pump installed near gas tank to help the fuel get to the rebuilt manual pump, and an electric cooling fan installed on the front of the radiator. Aux fan will kick on automatically at a certain temp, and I also have a manual switch on the dash that can allows me to turn it on at will. 

First few days of test runs revealed an overheating issue with driver’s side head heating up fast, and thermostat appearing not to open. Seemed like a flow issue.  I decided to tackle these issues myself with Iron Mike making a few house calls during the trouble-shooting for support and guidance. 

I cannot praise Iron Mike enough. Professional, personable, accountable, accommodating, all-around great guy who cared about my vehicle as much as I do. Restored my faith in mechanics!!!

Decided to replace the water pump, thermostat, and investigate heat riser valve in driver’s side exhaust manifold. The water pump was around 8 years old, so we did not replace during the rebuild. Wanted to eliminate that as a potential issue. Thermostat was replaced, but turns out after removing and testing, it was barely opening. New 180 thermostat will be installed. Issue one resolved.

While thermostat and water pump were out, I decided to prep the area for installation of new parts. During this process I noticed something. I peered down into the thermostat housing and noticed a blocked cooling passageway. The bypass passageway from the bottom of the thermostat housing to the front of the timing chain cover (where water pump mounts) was completely blocked with RTV. Turns out during the installation of the cross-over pipes (which contain the thermostat housing) the guys in the garage had one heck of a time getting that housing to seal to the top of the timing chain cover. They used a little too much RTV.  Luckily, I was able to use a long medical forceps and removed the blockage. “Surprise” issue two resolved.   

Next, removed the driver’s side exhaust manifold, and found the heat riser valve was stuck almost in the fully closed position. Rather than mess with it, just decided to cut off the valve wings from the shaft, so it would always be open, no matter what position valve was in. Issue three resolved. 

Then came the water pump. Sent it out to be rebuilt. Came back, installed it and it was leaking. Coolant getting past internal seal. Thought it might seal up after running it for a bit, but it actually got worse.  So had to remove it and send it back for a refund. Luckily I had two original water pumps in my attic and sent those to a different shop to have them both rebuilt. They came back and installed one. No leaks. Potential issue four resolved. 

Turns out that several small issues can lead to a large issue. In this case, a significant over-heating problem. 

Happy to report that the old Buick is running happy. Had put 50 miles on it this past weekend and running at normal temp. Was fantastic to drive it around after so much time had passed. I was ecstatic!!! Then came the MD stay at home order. FIGURES!!!

I will continue to drive it around the neighborhood for testing but will not tempt driving it further. Do not want jail time or a $5,000 fine. HA HA!

Over the past few weeks I also tackled some under the dash work. Installed brand new defroster/heater control cables. Also, all new defroster/heater duct hosing, and fixed my stock windshield wipers. Two of the cables had become detached during remounting of the wiper motor. So got all that buttoned up and working. 

Hope everyone is staying home and is healthy!  Hope to see you all soon at car shows and cruise-ins. 

-Al  bigaudioal@aol.com

Doug Collins - Amazing what ingenuity, time, and money can do—— .  Watch, particularly, the guy with the hammer changing the front tires.


Steve White - This one is for you if you like W.C. Fields (and who doesn't?). Sit back and enjoy. It's a little under six minutes long.


Doug Phillips - I know that for most people on here, this is an inconvenience. But for others, this hobby is their livelihood. I have been providing photography for car shows for over 20 years now. From the Daytona Turkey Run, to the Syracuse Nationals, to local VFW's. Most of you probably have a plaque, shirt or coffee mug I made for you, and I appreciate it greatly. What you may not know is you can upload your own pictures for wood and metal plaques. And not just your car. Kids, pets, vacations..... anything. It'll give me something to do until the events start again and maybe help pay a few bills, these shows were all I had. Until then, stay safe... stay sane... and I'll see you shortly. Hopefully. 


Don Pohlmann - While hanging around waiting for this virus to settle down, watch this amazing video. It is not "car" related but I think everyone will enjoy it. 


Jack Anderson -  Our `55 Chevrolet Bel Air sport coupe, nicknamed “Lemon Aid,” was just named the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America’s (VCCA) “Best of the Best” winner for 2019. At each of the five VCCA regional national meets last year, and aside from regular class judging awards, “Best of Show” trophies were awarded to vehicles in the following categories: 4-Cylinder Era (1912-28), 6-Cylinder Era (1929-54), 8-Cylinder Era (1955-94), Commercial (all 1918-94 trucks), and Historic Preservation of Original Chevrolet Features (HPOCF - all unrestored 1912-94 cars and trucks). As the “Best of Show – 8-Cylinder Era” awardee at the VCCA Eastern National Meet in Morgantown, Pennsylvania in August 2019, “Lemon Aid” was eligible to enter the “Best of the Best” competition against all other vehicles that received similar “Best of Show” awards at the four other regional meets in 2019. So it was a huge and unexpected thrill for “Lemon Aid” to be named VCCA’s 2019 overall “Best of the Best.”

Ed Rehfeld - list of great car- or vehicle-related movies to watch while we’re cooped up:


Grand Prix

They Drive by Night (great Humphrey Bogart and George Raft pic about truckers)

Speed Racer (both the movie and the original TV series)

The Duel (taut made-for-TV thriller starring Dennis Weaver as a traveling salesman stalked by a menacing, and never seen, trucker in an ominous rig)

Smokey and the Bandit (sadly, the best acting in this film was by the car!)

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (slapstick movie about a cross-country car race to find buried treasure)

White Lightning (Moonshiner Burt Reynolds, fast cars)

Thunder Road (Moonshiner Robert Mitchum, fast cars)

The Car (laughably bad movie about a possessed car)


Tucker: the Man and His Dream

Also, movies with incredible chase scenes:

Bullitt (obviously)

The French Connection

The Seven Ups

The Italian Job (both the original and the remake)

I’m sure there are more, but these were the ones I could think of off the top of my head before getting down to teleworking..

Larry Good - My One and Only In this movie Renee Zellweger plays a mother who crosses the country in the first Cadillac Eldorado (1953) with her son (George Hamilton in real life).The deadbeat father was a musician, played by Kevin Bacon.One of the two movie cars was provided by Marc Tuwiner, a local Maryland trader and enthusiast.

Morgan Sullivan - The movie Ronin, with Robert DeNiro-unbelievable chase scenes with a Benz 450sel, in the heart of urban areas, enjoy!

Tom Russo - One of the best movies is "Rush" by Ron Howard. Great movie