Brad Gardner is our Cruiser of the month

Owner: Brad Gardner

Lives in Germantown, Maryland

Served in USMC for over 13 years (1998-2012) with 2 combat tours to Iraq (2004 & 2007)

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A Buff and Beyond Detailing

Cars have always been my passion since a young age and since seeing the original Nissan 240Z I fell in love with Japanese Imports.  When I saw they were making the Nissan 370Z in a convertible I absolutely fell in love and had to have one.  I purchased my 2010 brand new fully loaded and have been dreaming of being able to build my dream car.  Over the last 3 years I have been finically blessed enough to finally enjoy my passion of building a show car.  Like all builds it takes time, money, and the help of sponsors if you are fortunate enough to find them. As you see I like to be unique and not copy what others are doing but I also want to maintain a clean but aggressive look. My car is far from complete and I have a ton of future plans to include full custom roll cage, racing seats, full harness, wider more aggressive wheels, custom hood cowl, and fresh paint.   

Since cars are my passion and I love to learn over paying someone else to do the work for me, I have completed the majority of the work on my Z.  Hill’s Garage installed my coil-overs, springs, and SPL parts.  I am currently waiting in line for them to complete my transmission work. The body work and paint was done by two different shops. Bobby from RJ Manufacturing that made the whipple super charger kit flew in and we installed the kit together in my garage which can be seen on my YouTube channel along with the rest of my build.  Currently my car is being remote tuned using ECUTEK with speed density by a master tuner Eugene Turkov.  This is a long process and we are taking our time as to not blow my stock motor or stock transmission.  I recently took my car to a dyno day at Nexus Motorsports in Frederick to see where my cars power currently is.  The car put down 454rwhp with 394ftlbs torque at 11 psi.  You can see the full results and car on the dyno on my YouTube channel. Once I get my car supporting mods installed we plan to push the car to 500-550rwhp.  In a few years I might do a billet motor and push the car even more as all that is needed with the whipple kit is putting a smaller pulley on. 

2010 370z Touring Sport Roadster with Whipple Super Charger


Akebono Sport Brake Package

Custom Duel Oil Catch Cans

Custom Mocal 34 Row Oil Cooler

Custom Mocal 34 Row Transmission Cooler

ECUTEK Pro Kit with Bluetooth using Speed Density (Tuned by Eugene Turkov)

Motordyne Advanced Resonance Tuner (ART test pipes)

OMNI 4 bar map sensor

R1 Premier Series – Cross Drilled & Slotted Rotors with Ceramic Pads

RJ Manufacturing Stage 1 Whipple Super Charger Kit

Sprint Booster

Stillen Ceramic Headers

Stillen Power Steering Cooler

Stillen Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust Systems - Custom Quad Tips

StopTech Stainless Steel Brake Lines (front and rear)

Z1 Motorsports Urethane Transmission Mount


Fast Intentions Front Tow Bar

Hotchkis 370z front sway bar

KW Coilover Kit Variant 3

RJ Manufacturing Front Sturt Tower Brace

Soul Function 4-Point Front D Brace

Soul Function 6-Point Mid Chassis Brace

Soul Function Fender Braces

Soul Function Rear Lower M Brace

Soul Function Rear Tie Bar

SPL Eccentric lockout kit

SPL PRO Front End Links Spherical

SPL PRO Front Upper Camber/Caster Arms

SPL TITANIUM Rear Camber Arms


Swift Helper Springs H65-070-008

Swift Springs 65mm 5inch 9k


BlackVue DR650GW-HD 2 Channel 64GB Dash Camera

Carbon Fiber Door Mirror Corner Set

Carbon Fiber Instrument Bezel-Tacho Front Cover

EVO-R Carbon Fiber AT Shifter Cover

EVO-R Carbon Fiber Center Arm Storage Console Cover

EVO-R Carbon Fiber Door Barrel Covers

EVO-R Carbon Fiber Door Switch Covers

EVO-R Carbon Fiber Gauge Pod Cove Covers

EVO-R Carbon Fiber Meter Switch Covers

EVO-R Carbon Fiber Steering Pod Cover

GTR Dome Light Lens Kit

GTR Push Button Start Switch

LED Interior light bulbs

RevoZport R35 Carbon Fiber GTR Shift Knob

Sixth Element Carbon Fiber Paddle Shifters

VQVortex Carbon Fiber Flat Bottom Steering Wheel

Workshop 12 Notebook Dash Kit (required Navigation to Non-Navigation


XKGlow LED Interior kit XK-FO-ADV


Circuit Sports Carbon Fiber Hood Damper Strut Kit

Synergy Composites Carbon Fiber Battery & Fluid Covers

Zele Carbon Fiber Radiator Shroud

ZSpec Black Anodized Aluminum Radiator Cap Cover

ZSpec Red Ultimate Engine Fastener Kit


2SIC4U Vanity License Plate

Custom LED Duel Halo headlights

Custom JDM Tail lights with full Ghotz LED show lights by Yuniqueled

EVO-R Carbon Fiber Door Handle Cover Kit

EVO-R Carbon Fiber License Plate Frame x2

EVO-R Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers

EVO-R Carbon Fiber Roll BarCovers

EVO-R LED Rear Bumper Fog light

H&R TRAK+ Wheel Spacers 15mm DRS with Extended Studs (rear)

RS1 Carbon Fiber Vented Fenders

Stillen Front License Plate Bracket (Toe mount)

Volk Racing GT-C (GOLD) Wheels (20x9.5 +22 front, 20x10.5 +20 rear)

Volk Racing Locking Lugs

XKGlow LED Underbody Kit KS-CAR-PRO

Zele Partial Carbon Fiber Body Kit

ZSpeed V2 Aluminum Engine Shield Black Powdercoat

Sitting in garage waiting to be installed:

HK-S4-244B Conductor'sSpecial 244 Nightmare Edition Train Horn Kit

Type 3 Duckbill Spoiler (Iwant to have carbon fiber overlaid or full carbon fiber)

RJ Manufacturing Triple Disk Torque Converter

Fast Intentions Flex Plate

Z1 Motorsports Urethane Transmission Mount

Z1 Motorsports urethane Motor Mounts

Z1 Motorsports Aluminum Subframe Bushing Collars

Z1 Motorsports Full Differential Upgrade Kit with SPL Bushings

Bell Raceworks Rear Differential Brace

GlowShift Elite 10 Color Gauges (30 PSI Boost/Vacuum Gauge, OilTemp Gauge,

TransmissionTemp Gauge, Volt Gauge, Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge)

RDZ Motorsports Dual Gauge APillar