The following video shows the car burning oil even though it was rebuilt less that 5K miles ago, this plus rust will require a total body off frame restoration

The above pictures shows the progress to date 11/5/2020 which is focused on stripping the car to steel. 

After I complete stripping off all the paint the car will be heading to Bernardo's shop; then he will remove the body from the Chassis and repair all rust then paint the body. 

Bernardo will also sand blast the chassis then return the rolling chassis to my home. I will then remove the drivetrain and take the engine to Doug at Rockville Ring & Bearing to rebuild the engine. 

Next I will use POR 15 and paint the chassis and completely recondition all moving parts on the chassis.

11/6/2020 - More rust exposed! not surprised at all. This car is definitely a "Rust Bucket" The prior patch panels were not installed correctly and were just slapped on and used lots of "Mud". Hey this car has so much plastic "Mud" that it pre dates the Corvette! What a MESS!!!!!   

11-7-2020 The "Tin Worm" strikes again! you can see some minor rust in the spare tire well. As if today I have all the paint removed and all I need to do is wire wheel the surface to remove all disk grinder marks. This morning I ordered entire rocker replacements for both sides and drivers and passengers floor boards

11-11-2020 The "Tin Worm" was well fed ! there is not one panel on this car that he did not have a feast on! all floor boards will be replaced, all rockers will need replacement and many various other area of the body will require patching. I have already ordered all replacement panels and thank goodness they are available. It is not unusual that these cars rust out so the aftermarket has the majority of panels. All the paint is now removed and next step is to remove the body from the chassis.

As soon as Bernardo is finished with my Packard fenders I will take the car to his shop and pickup the Packard, but between now and then will continue cleaning up various body parts and coat the brackets with POR 15.

It took me a total of 42 hours to strip off all the paint, not bad and really easy job because most of the body panels are flat and was easy to use the scraper after the paint remover did its job 

11-14-2020 Completed removals and of course found additional rust that was under old patches and that was expected. Next I will remove all wire harness and then continue to strip the inner fender liners and other old painted areas that were not accessible. I will be using POR 15 under all fenders, then after the chassis is blasted will also POR.

After I remove the drivetrain I will be taking the engine to Doug Barbour the owner of "Rockville Ring & Bearing, 301-762-5542" to have reconditioned. Doug has rebuild many engines for my friends and this guy knows his trade! stands behind his work and just a nice guy to work with.

Bernardo who just completely rebuild my 1937 Packard fenders will need to fabricate body mount plates, lower cowl panels and other "Tin Worm" damaged areas. Fortunately above the rocker level metal is solid

I will not be bored over this winter! Life is sweet!! 

11-16-2020 Cleaned up under the hood, fenders inner and outer panels using a wire cup on grinder and received all the replacement body panels from the Jeepsterman today